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SUBJECT: OHS Special Flash | Variety Show: Important Notes about Tickets

**Special Flash**

March 26, 2024

Variety Show Tickets: Frequently Asked Questions

Tickets for the Osborn Hill Variety Show are on sale this week.  Here are answers to some frequently asked questions about the ticketing process.

Families of performers can now purchase 3 tickets - what if my family requires more than 3?

Additional tickets can be purchased, one at a time, starting Friday at noon until they sell out.  If your immediate family (parents and siblings of the performer) needs more than 3 tickets, please also let the variety show committee know - you can email them at ohsvarietyshow2024@gmail.com.  

Do I really need to purchase additional tickets one at a time on Friday?

Yes! Tickets are in high demand and we want everyone to have a fair chance. If you purchase more than 3 tickets in the first rounds or more than one at a time in the third round you will not receive those tickets, and your money will not be refunded.

Do I need a ticket for a toddler?

There is no lap sitting allowed at Black Rock Church. Every single person needs a ticket. If you have an infant, consider wearing them. There is not room for strollers in the theater. As always, feel free to contact the committee with any questions.  

If my child is in the show, do they need a ticket?

Nope! Performers, stage crew and narrators do not need tickets.

If I don't need a ticket that I've purchased, can I sell it to a friend?

Tickets may be transferred - BUT we are not handing out paper tickets this year.  Guests will check-in by name. Tickets can be transferred into another family's name by emailing Sarah Fridman at snl288@yahoo.com. You should get a response in 24 hours - if not please email again! Tickets should be transferred BEFORE the day of the show.

Here's a reminder of the ticket sale process:

Tickets are sold in three phases:

  • Monday 3/25 at 12pm - families of performers are able to purchase up to 3 tickets
  • Wednesday 3/27 at 12pm - non-performers' families are able to purchase up to 3 tickets
  • Friday 3/29 at 12pm - any remaining tickets go on sale. Tickets can be purchased one at a time.
Purchase Tickets HERE

Have any questions we didn't answer above? You can check our website, and email the Variety Show Committee at ohsvarietyshow2024@gmail.com

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