Our OHS Variety Show is back, people! For the uninitiated, our Variety Show is an annual showcase giving our kids the opportunity to perform on stage in front of their families and friends. Many acts choose to dance to a song, but we’ve also featured singers, musicians, sports demonstrations, comedy acts and more! Kids can perform solo or in a group. 


  • Variety Show - April 27, 2024 (Saturday), 11:30 AM, Black Rock Church
  • Dress rehearsal - April 26 (Friday), 5 PM
  • Sound rehearsal - April 25 (Thur), 4:30 PM. (Includes stage crew, announcers, 5th grade finale practice.)




  • Registration closes this Friday, January 5: Email Ohsvarietyshow2024@gmail.com with the name of your group/child, each member's name and grade. We just need to know WHO at this point, not WHAT you will be performing. Groups should not be larger than 10 children, due to stage space. All members of your group MUST be PTA members (this is for insurance reasons). 
  • Song submissions starts on January 5 (Friday) via email only. Please keep in mind that songs are accepted on a first-come, first-serve basis - it would be a good idea to submit a second choice at the same time. Songs will be accepted until February 12.
  • Variety Show Parent Info Zoom on January 22, (Monday) at 7:30pm. It's mandatory that one parent from your group attend this Zoom. All information that we need to plan the show will be discussed at this time. If no one from your group can make it, you'll need to set up a private time to meet with Sarah Fridman or Marissa Jacobson.
  • Song submission deadline: February 12, (Monday). Song submissions and all info discussed on January 22th is due.
  • Music Submission deadline: March 4, (Monday). This should be a cut of music exactly how you want it for the show. Music should be sent as an MP3 to a Google drive that we will provide. We will also need a group photo holding a sign with the groups name on it.
  • Ticket sales: March 11-13. This will be rolled out the same way as in years past. Stay tuned to our Weekly Flash and this page for the registration link and details.
  • Artwork due: March 25 (Monday). If your child is an artist and would like the opportunity to have their art be the cover of the program for the variety show they can enter a drawing.  


*We realize that Saturdays in the spring are busy times for families. We urge you to be open to this date as it was the only option that was available to us.  Our hope is that with this much notice families will be able to participate. Thank you for understanding and for your support as we try something new!



It’s easy! Once individual performers or groups have been formed, please email Ohsvarietyshow2024@gmail.com with the name of your group/act and each members’ name and grade. You can also email this address with any questions or concerns. Registration is open now but there’s no rush - there is no limit on how many acts can participate, but please note each child can only be part of one group (not including the 5th grade finale). Song submissions will be open after the holiday break - please see our website for more information. Registration closes this Friday, January 5. 



If your 4th or 5th grader is not interested in being part of an act but still wants to participate, they can be a member of the Stage Crew or serve as a Narrator. If this is your child's preference, email Ohsvarietyshow2024@gmail.com before January 5. See below for prerequisites.

  • Stage Crew is a position for 5th graders who do not wish to participate in a routine (this does not include the 5th grade finale - we encourage them to take part in that!). We are looking for 5 students. 
  • Narrators are open to 4th and 5th graders who want to be on stage to introduce the acts. Thank you for the stage crew volunteers we received prior to break. We still have 2 slots open for 4th or 5th grade narrators as of 12/31. If your child is interested, please send us an email



We're looking for a volunteer or two to take the lead in creating the photo slideshow which opens the program. If this is something you would be willing to take on, please let us know. Stay tuned for other volunteer opportunities closer to the show. 



Reach out to the Variety Show Committee at Ohsvarietyshow2024@gmail.com.









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