March 3, 2023


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Act, Stage Crew & Narrator registration will begin on Saturday, November 12th @ 9:00 am
Note - You must be logged in on the website to see the registration link


To register your routine, you'll need the below info:


  1. Names and classrooms for each student 
  2. Contact email for parent of each student 
  3. parent advisor for each group (this will be the person who we communicate with the most from each group and is responsible for relaying important information to your group)
  4. Music choice if using music (not all routines do ex: comedy act). If doing an instrumental solo, we will still need the music you plan to perform). Music is limited to one group so if you choose a song that has been chosen by another group that registered in the order before you, we will reach out after registration has closed. 
  5. All families participating must be PTA Members - this is for insurance purposes. If you're not a member already, click here to join now.


A few things to note

  • Groups are limited to 10 students for safety purposes. We also limit the show to 40 routines for time purposes. One routine per child (with the exception of the 5th grade finale).
  • There will also be the registration for Stage Crew and Narrators at this time. Both of these roles are on a first come, first served basis. 
  • Stage Crew is reserved to 5th graders who do not wish to participate in a routine (this does not include the 5th grade finale - they can participate in that if they choose). We are looking for 5 students. 
  • Narrators are open to 4th and 5th graders and also a limit of 5 students. 


We are so very excited to get this started and can't wait to see what you come up with!! Let’s go Otters!!


Questions? Contact ohsvarietyshow2023@gmail.com.


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